Have you received an unfavorable decision on your claim for VA benefits? Was your claim denied? Was your monetary award less than you expected?

If you feel VA’s decision was in error, you need to disagree with it. Filing your Notice of Disagreement (NOD) will begin your VA appeal. An appeal requires a clear argument and knowledge of VA laws and regulations. Most people have difficulty understanding VA letters, much less the laws that govern what those letters say. At this point you probably need help. You need a VA representative.

VA Under Secretary for Benefits, Daniel L. Cooper,
presenting Dale Burnell with Exemplary Service Award.

You Served Us, I’ll Serve You

Dale E. Burnell, LLC

Your Personal Representative


I have over 30 years of experience with VA. I am an accredited VA Claims Agent. I have been certified by the VA to represent veterans and their families as they seek the benefits they have earned.

I consider these benefits to be your Veteran Rights. During part of my VA career, I was a Disability Rating Specialist reviewing claims like yours, evaluating disabilities like yours, and awarding VA benefits based on those disabilities from the correct effective date.

If VA made a mistake in its decision, I can represent you and argue that VA should correct its mistake. If VA did not award the maximum benefit to which you’re entitled, I can argue for it to do so. I will attempt to win your claim at the lowest administrative level possible in order to avoid lengthy legal delays.

If you received an unfavorable VA decision, you have one year during which to begin the appeal process. Contact me as soon as possible using the contact information on this website. A brief conversation will help me begin to assess the possibility of winning your VA claim. Then, I will need to review VA’s decision, your application, and the evidence you submitted in order to determine the merits of your claim and the best way to pursue your VA appeal.

I will not represent you unless I think we can win your appeal. If I choose to represent you and you appoint me as your VA claims agent, I will have access to your VA file and will receive copies of all further correspondence VA sends you.

If I choose not to represent you, I will still explain your options to you and direct you toward resources that may be of assistance.