• Three years’ service in the Army during the Vietnam Era

  • Five years as a Veterans Service Officer with the Kentucky Center for Veterans Affairs and The American Legion

  • Retired from VA with over 30 years of service including: service as a Disability Rating Specialist: reviewing cases nationwide for accuracy on the Quality Review Staff at VA Headquarters; researching and writing regulations on the Regulations Staff at VA Headquarters; reviewing and working the most difficult cases nationwide on the Advisory and Judicial Review Staff at VA Headquarters; and reviewing the accuracy of all VBA correspondence requiring the Under Secretary for Benefit’s signature

  • Former moderator on the website Straight Talk for Military Veterans

  • Former consultant for the Congressionally-appointed Veterans Advisory Board for Dose Reconstruction

  • Member/Former member of the National Organization of Veterans Advocates, Inc. (NOVA), the American Legion and the Northern Virginia Veterans Association. 

  • I provide consultation services to attorneys, agents and other VA representatives who are new to the practice of VA law. I advise them on the merits of their client’s/potential client’s claims.

I assist veterans and their survivors with their appeals for VA benefits. I have experience in evaluating disabilities in all 16 body systems included in VA’s Rating Schedule. I understand VA death claims. I have extensive experience in assisting veterans with their appeals for disability from PTSD, exposure to Agent Orange and ionizing radiation. I have the appeals of aged veterans expedited according to VA mandates.

In addition to these hands-on activities, I was a contributing writer for a local publication called Inside Lake Ridge with a regular monthly column on VA issues. On Memorial Day 2014, I wrote a column for InsideNoVa on a marathon bike ride of Wounded Warriors that started in Arlington Cemetery and ended in Virginia Beach.

About Me

My name is Dale Burnell. I live in Northern Virginia, just a short commute from Washington, DC, where I worked for over 30 years.

I have easy access to the Washington Regional Office, the Appeals Management Center, VA Headquarters and the Board of Veterans Appeals. During my career, I worked with employees from all those offices as well as VA offices nationwide. Here are a few of my qualifications to represent you:

You Served Us, I’ll Serve You

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Dale E. Burnell, LLC