My Services

1. I will represent you and be your intermediary with VA.

2. I will complete or help you complete all necessary VA forms and respond promptly to VA requests for information.

3. I will help you assemble the best evidence possible to support your claim.

4. I will keep your information confidential and will not engage in any unethical conduct.

5. I will complete all actions necessary to enforce and protect your rights.

6. I will ensure that all VA decisions are accurate and result in the greatest benefit possible to you under current law.

7. If I feel that you are unfairly treated by current law, I will argue for an exception in your case.

Lois Mittelstaedt, Chief of Staff to the Under Secretary for Benefits, with congratulatory remarks on the retirement of Dale Burnell.

You Served Us, I’ll Serve You

Dale E. Burnell, LLC

Your Personal Representative

8. I do not guarantee any outcome on your claim because VA decisions are sometimes unpredictable. However, I can recognize when VA makes mistakes and I know how to correct them.

9. My services are effective only after you have received a decision from VA and you have completed or I help you complete a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) with that decision.

10. My fee is contingent upon your winning your appeal. If you do not win, I do not get paid. My fee is 20 percent of any retroactive, lump-sum payment that I help you win. You and I will have a contractual agreement that directs VA to withhold my fee from your retroactive payment and send it directly to me. VA has been known to not honor these contingency fee contracts even when I help you win your claim. For that reason, our contract will have a clause that requires you to pay me directly 20 percent of your retroactive, lump-sum benefit if VA fails to do so.